"Nothing is more important than using your time well and continuing to learn. Smart Work offers valuable insights on both fronts."

James Doe

Founder and Director - BigCo


More space for small and big dreams

It's strange that we have never really learned to work. Smart Work explains how you can work smarter for more peace and space in your head, step-by-step.

Better ideas

Everyone has ideas, but most can be dismissed easily. Learn how to get more insightful ideas for your existing (or new) business.

Time management

Time is our most precious asset. In the book I will introduce you to a new way of personal time keeping, aimed to give your more of it.

Get Lean

Since you're an entrepreneur you know it's super important to keep moving faster than anyone else. By working Lean you will be.

Think and Grow Rich

More time and more ideas. Great! Now put this to practice and see how you need to think about making money first before you actually can.

Make efficient decisions

Your phone's powerful than the moon rockets of the sixties. But why are you using it so poorly? I'll show you how to turn that around.

How to explore

Now that you have more time it is time to explore! Go out of your comfort zone by experiencing new things.

Who is this book for?

Reading a book is one thing, but actually following its methods can be complicated. But don't worry, I'm right there along the way to help you apply the ideas from my book as you read it! This book is especially helpful for people who want to:

  1. Become (and remain) the boss of their inbox

  2. Utilize their agenda for less stress and direction in their work

  3. Take everything stored in their head, out of it


Jackie Caldwell

I have done quite some experiments in my work and noticed that more and more people started asking me for practical tips.After helping out some friends and colleagues, I noticed a theme: how can you work smarter as an entrepreneur?.How do you balance business and your family life? How do you get more done so you have more time at home?There are many books about productivity, but I found almost all of them not practical at all! So that is what I want to solve with this book, taking you along step-by-step.

Early reader feedback

John Doe

Smart Work is the perfect guide to shape the way you operate your business. Handy tools and tips that will benefit everyone.


Jane Doe

With so many hacky and especially practical tips to organize your work (even) better. Smart Work has become my business bible.


Joan Doe

I recommend this book for anyone who doesn't have the time to read a book. Do it once and you'll have time forever.



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Get a full refund within 30 days from the date of order. No questions asked. Try the book risk free. Take the plunge, I am sure you will find this book invaluable.

In what languages is the book available in ?

The e-book version will available only in English, German, Spanish, French & Chinese. More languages will be added depending on the sales of the book and requests from supporters.

What is the purchase process ?

Payments are processed securely via Stripe and the download link for the preview is emailed to you immediately. When the book is published you will receive the full version.

In what formats is the book available in ?

The book preview that you receive after supporting our pre-sale is a PDF. The final version of the book will be available in all popular formats such as epub, PDF and kindle, to be compatible with all e-readers.

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